Pregnant and Pathetic

And I feel like Crap.
I have pretty much spent the last three months in bed sleeping.
Nesta loves to sleep right on top of me.

I was warned about the morning sickness but the tiredness and the migraines are ridiculous.
At 12 weeks I was feeling much better, then I received a special gift from Brian ...The Flu!
Yay for me!! Normally the flu is not a huge deal just more of an annoyance. However, when your pregnant everything feels worse. And I can't take ANY medicine. No DayQuil, no cough medicine, no nasal spray. Are you kidding me? My dad was a pharmacist. I grew up thinking there was a magic pill for everything. What am I to do?

On a more positive less whiny note I had an ultrasound this week and Bri and I got to see the baby!! By far the most amazing experience to date! Pictures to follow of our first ultrasound.

Brian and I had an amazing Valentine's weekend, although both sick, we were able to spend a lot of time alone together, (without the kids our niece and nephew) it was very quite and relaxing around our house.
I couldn't ask for a more caring or thoughtful husband. He takes such great care of me, even when I am a neurotic nightmare to be around.
I can't wait to see him as a dad!!!


Hiba said...

You two are going to make great parents!

Future Fosters said...

Congrats babe!!!

Scott and Kristen Baker said...


norrisfour said...

Baby Dunny! You guys are going to be such great parents!